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CIANS organized in 1958 and formally founded in 1960, is the oldest international  society in the field of behavioural  neuroscience, integrative physiology and psychosomatic medicine.

Its purpose is to foster the interdisciplinary and biomedical science and to the education of social and health care professionals.

It emphasized integrative approaches to these problems in order to understand how and through which mechanisms psychosocial factors and stress impact on behaviour, homeostasis and health. 

The integrative approaches is also evident in its further goal of supporting the development of health care measures designed to act as adjuncts with other available modalities to decrease death and disability from disease.  

In order to fulfil the above goals CIANS will organize scientific conferences, workshops, and courses of continuing education and co-sponsor publication of its official organ "Activitas Nervosa Superior Rediviva" (formerly Activitas Nervosa Superior up to 1991 and HOMEOSTASIS 1992-2007).


  • to promote the interdisciplinary scientific meeting in the field of cognitive and behavioural sciences, psychology, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, biomedical sciences and other disciplines concerned with haelth and disease, emphasizing the role of integrative Higher Nervous Functions.

  • to foster collaborative studies, both experimental and clinical,concerned with the development and integration of biological, psychological an social sciences relevant to treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of disease and disability, and to promotion of health and quality of life.

  • to spread knowledge of the impact of cognition, behaviour, life style, the stressful life events and other psychosomatic factors on health and health related quality of life.

  • to foster the education of social and health care professionals, emphasizing integrative approaches to health promotion.



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