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Gian Franco Goldwurm (Italy) [1]



It�s just like saying that our association was conceived at the end of the 50s and after a long and troubled period of gestation it was baptized in the middle of the 60s with the name CIANS.

I don�t remember if the Collegium became at once a session of the World Psychiatric Association but that happened quite soon, also in consideration of the role of psychiatrists and the importance that the theories of the Higher Nervous Activities have in psychopathology (Pavlov himself at that purpose wrote and developed the work on experimental neuroses prosecuted by Gantt, Liddell, Wolpe, and so on).

I also think that considered the still uncertain political ups and downs (it is sufficient to say that in 1968, while we were organizing the first Iternational Congress of CIANS, Czechoslovakia was occupied) the WPA was probably (really I don�t know) also a valid protective cloak. In fact, in Autumn 1968 at the first CIANS International Congress in Milan,

Figure 7 � Cover of the proceedings of the first CIANS Congress (Milan, 1968). though the political difficulties, we managed to have in Italy a conspicuous number of Eastern scholars.

The first CIANS Congress was this one and I was the chairman of the Local Organizing Committee.

Figure 8 � Committees of the first CIANS Congress (Milan, 1968).

 In fig. 8 you can see also the Executive Committee and the Program Committee. 









Figure 9 � The scientific programme of the first CIANS Congress.  

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[1] With the collaboration of Federico Colombo.

[2] Part of this work was presented at the Symposium for CIANS in 8th Multidisciplinary International Conference of Biological Psychiatry �Stress and Behavior� held in St. Petersburg, May, 17-19, 2004.

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