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Gian Franco Goldwurm (Italy) [1]



Figure 9 � The scientific programme of the first CIANS Congress. The fig. 9 shows the scientific program of the Congress.

Besides there were many individual communication so devided:

  1. Conditioning, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry

  2. Conditioning in Clinical and Experimental Psychopharmacology

  3. Autogenic Training and Deconditioning Techniques

  4. Physiopathology of the H.N.A. (Animal Studies)

  5. Physiopathology of the H.N.A. (Human Studies)

  6. Second signalling System Function in the H.N.A.

  7. Current Concept in Corticovisceral Physiopathology and Psychosomatic Medicine

  8. Neurohumoral Mechanism in the Brain Function

 As you can see there was a great interdisciplinarity and a relevant international participation. Work presented were 126 and the authors 185.

Figure 10 � Participants at the first CIANS Congress (Milan, 1968). The congress was really interdisciplinary and had a remarkable propulsive power.

This congress was followed by a similar one in Prague in 1975 (494 works presented, and 946 authors) and then by a conference in Milan in 1979 with the participation also of two pupils of Pavlov: Asratyan and Gantt. They had two lectures, respectively entitled �Might of conditioned-reflex mechanism� and �Preventive aspects of psychiatry�. Figure 11 � The table of contents from the book of abstracts of the second CIANS Congress (Prague, 1975).

Unfortunately Gantt, candidate for the Nobel Prize, died in 1980. 

And as it�s described in the commemoration of the CIANS Anniversary in the Activita Nervosa Superior of 1985 political, social and scientific changes determined in their turn other changes in our organization. In one meeting in Olomouc in 1983  it was decided to separate from the WPA and to adhere to the IBRO (International Brain Research Organization). In fact in the Membership Directory of IBRO in 1991 it appears the CIANS.

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[1] With the collaboration of Federico Colombo.

[2] Part of this work was presented at the Symposium for CIANS in 8th Multidisciplinary International Conference of Biological Psychiatry �Stress and Behavior� held in St. Petersburg, May, 17-19, 2004.

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