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Gian Franco Goldwurm (Italy) [1]



Figure 12 � Committee of the CIANS Confernce - Olomouc, 1983. The following meeting were for instance the one in Moscow of 1984 and then in Magdeburg in 1987 and so on.

Figure 13 � From left (first line): Cazzullo, Anochina, Guareschi, Goldwurm - Moscow, 1984. I want to remind here the presence of Dostalek who was for me a clever man and a dear friend. I remember that together with Simonov he was invited to our AIAMC (Italian Association for Behavioural Analysis & Modification,& Behaviour & Cognitive Therapies) congress in 1986.



The Executive Committee from 1984 to 1988 was so composed:

  • Ctibor Dost�lek (Prague), President

  • Karl Baettig (Z�rich), Vice-president (Europe)

  • Joseph Wortis (Stony Brook, NY), Vice-president (America)

  • Marat E. Vartanyan (Moscow), Vice-president (Other Regions)

  • Samuel A. Corson (Colombus, OH), General Secretary

  • John A. Stern (Frontenac, MO), Tresaurer

  • Milan Horv�th (Prague), Executive Secretary.

The following congress was in Osaka in 1989. At that time (1988) the Statute was emended, and subsequently approved by postal ballot in 1989. This statute provided that a By-Law should be done, but this happened only much later and it was approved by the Executive Committee in Bad Kreuznach in June 2002, 14 years later.

From 1989 to 1993 the Executive Committee was so composed:

  • Karl Baettig (Z�rich), President

  • Milan Horv�th (Prague), General Secretary

  • David J. Ramsay (San Francisco), President Elect

  • Ctibor Dost�lek (Prague), Past President

  • Benjamin H. Natelson (New Jersey), Secretary-Tresaurer

  • Michael M. Khananashvili (Tibilisi)

  • Akitane Mori (Okayama)

  • Marat E. Vartanyan (Moscow)

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[1] With the collaboration of Federico Colombo.

[2] Part of this work was presented at the Symposium for CIANS in 8th Multidisciplinary International Conference of Biological Psychiatry �Stress and Behavior� held in St. Petersburg, May, 17-19, 2004.

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