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Gian Franco Goldwurm (Italy) [1]



Then came the Conference in Bad Kreuznach (Germany) in 2003 and finally the same year in October in Trencianske Teplice (Slovakia) another CIANS meeting. And now (2004)  the Conference of St. Petersburg.

The present Executive Committee is:

  • Fedor Jagla (Bratislava), President Figure 17 � Bagaev with the  Italians at the I.P. Pavlov  Institute of Physiology. From left: Masaraki, Bagaev, Goldwurm, Colombo, Guzzi, Giordano, Cassitto (St. Petersburg, May, 2004).

  • Vitaly Bagaev (St. Petersburg), President Elect

  • Heinz R�ddel (Bad Kreuznach), Past President

  • Miloslav Kukleta (Brno), Counsellor

  • Gian Franco Goldwurm (Milan), Counsellor

  • Milan Horv�th, Secretary-General

  • Spiridione Masaraki (Milan), Secretary-Tresaurer Figure 18 � Jagla and Bagaev af the CIANS Conference of St. Petersburg (2004).

This is the history of our days and as Heinz R�ddel said in Bad Kreuznach �CIANS is alive!�.

Compared with the past our Collegium seems more European or I would rather say mittel-European and in the era of the United Europe this has got even more significance.

Yet, as in our tradition, besides interdisciplinarity we want internationality. So, let�s reconnect to Russia at East and then let�s hope to USA in the West.

Along with the taking again of the Satellite Conferences, and for the future we hope for the Congresses, we must improve and pay more attention to the organization. At last in Bad Kreuznach we approved the By-Law, an instrument to have sure and democratic rules.

At the moment we have been operating the fastest communications via internet and though with some changes, preserved the CIANS Journal �Homeostasis�. Figure 19 � Cover of Homeostais, the official journal of CIANS.

We still miss a sure gathering of adhesions and of the members as well as adequate funds.

But independently from the problems and international issues, we want to preserve our main characteristics: interidisciplinarity and independence and I would also add our father that is to say Ivan Petrovich Pavlov.


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[1] With the collaboration of Federico Colombo.

[2] Part of this work was presented at the Symposium for CIANS in 8th Multidisciplinary International Conference of Biological Psychiatry �Stress and Behavior� held in St. Petersburg, May, 17-19, 2004.

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