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(year 1, number 1) 07,2000  

Dear Collegues,

This year is the 40� anniversary of CIANS foundation and will be celebrated in Piestany, Bratislava in Slovak Republic with the Symposium Cognitive and Behavioural Modification in Health Care, within the framework of the XXXVIth Czech and Slovak Interdisciplinary Conference on Higher nervous Function, September 20 -22nd, 2000 . Some days later will be held the 12th Seminar of the Workplace Health Promotion Network - 25 September, 2000 in Praha.

In the last year there were two similar courses, one took place in Praha the 1st European Workshop on Continuing Education and Counsellors and Organizer in Workplace Health Promotion (WHP , August 11-12 1999, on the premises of National Institute of Public Health, Prague, and the second took place in Naples, Italy November 27-28, 1999 ,within the framework of the CIANS Conference �99 on � Neuro behavioural Integration in Psychosomatics and Health Promotion � under the patronage of AIAMC (Associazione Italiana di Analisi e Modificazione del Comportamento) (see the report in the second page)

Many congresses, conference and courses as well as the activity of the review HOMEOSTASIS ( formerly Activitatis Nervosae Superioris), official journal of CIANS, show the scientific activities of CIANS in the fourty years from foundation, developing an interdisciplinary function between scientific societies and groups of interest which recognize themselves in the Collegium purpose. The Executive Committee in the last meeting, that take place in Praga,  May 6, 2000, have decided to open a web site that is www.cians.org and to send to all CIANS members a Newsletter, and this is the first number.

This is to foster the scientific activities of CIANS, but also to encourage best relations between the members and the associations.

So we intend to open an informal dialog and give opportunities to announce scientific proposal, to express one�s opinions, to make proposals and ask information for all the questions included in the scientific and institutional project of CIANS.


Gian Franco Goldwurm 

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